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These rules, of course, are not what moody teenage daughter Eep (Emma Stone) appreciates very much, though the others in the family follow Grug lead without question, including wife Ugga (Catherine Keener), not so smart son Thunk (Clark Duke), sassy mother in law Gran (Cloris Leachman) and wild child Baby Crood.Eep just wants to get out of the cave and start living, which is exactly what happens one night after she sees a flicker canada goose jakke lang mand of light outside the cave.

As it turns out, the strange light is from a torch carried by Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a hip, young cave dude who seems to be just a little less crude than The Croods. He introduces Eep to fire and has all these strange things called in his head. He also tells Eep that the end of the world is coming (tun tun tun!!!) and they need to seek higher ground.It turns out Guy is right.canadagooseflyverdragt  The earth moves under the Croods feet, breaks apart and in the melee, their cave is destroyed. This forces the family to leave the comfort of their world in search of a new home. While Grug just wants to canada goose jakke rens find another cave, Guy suggests they should keep following the sun.

It a conflict in leadership that won make for such an easygoing road trip in which the Croods learn that (1) canada goose jakke pris it is not wise to try to put out a fire in a dry grassy field; (2) a new invention by Guy called is awesome; and (3) are a good thing.The big strength of Croods is its visuals, such as the scenes that echo cave paintings. filmmakers have filled the screen with all sorts of fantastical creatures, stark, rock filled terrains, and a new world of vividly colored flesh eating flowers, magical underground pools, and jeweled, sparkling beaches.